Meet Kaylea

Hey there! I’m a 26 year old girl with a lifelong obsession with baking. I grew up watching my mom bake for all occasions throughout my childhood. I barely knew what a store bought cookie tasted like and to this day, have never tasted a Twinkie. I’ve always known that homemade is best. Baking is my passion, but my other passion is my full-time job, nursing. I have been a pediatric ER nurse for 5 years and love it! I frequently bring my baking creations to work to share. Both of my passions push me to think creatively. But what I love the most about baking is that it all comes down to science. It takes intentionality to get it right. Great baking never happens by accident, and I LOVE that.
Me and my husband, Mike, reside outside of Chicago, IL.
Thanks for checking out my page!